Midwife Services

Midwife in DubaiMidwives are often the first point of contact for pregnant women and their families.

If you give birth in hospital, our midwives will visit you after your transfer back home. Alongside our parent education team, midwives and healthcare assistants also provide necessary support and information.

We offer highly qualified and trained midwives in the comfort of your home, they are trained with skills to support women to maintain healthy pregnancies and have quick recoveries post birth. They are uniquely suited to help with the physical, mental, emotional and cultural needs of mothers and infants. Midwifes can check and monitor your newborns, weight, height and other general health basics, she will care for both baby and mother. This type of service has been extremely popular in Canada, Europe, UK and Russia and now we bring this service to you in Dubai. The DHA Dubai Health Authority certifies all of our Midwifes.

Midwifes help in several areas including :

» Pre-natal education
» Post-natal help with everything from holding the new born properly, bathing, lactation, and use of milk pumps etc.
» Emotional support for pre/post-natal women (including post-partum depression, anxiety, stress etc..)
» Infant hygiene and care
» Group sessions give you the chance to meet other mothers and families in our clinic, and can be hugely supportive.
» Pricing depend on hours needed and packages.