IV Therapy


Feeling exhausted or not feeling well?

DON’T let a late night out, lack of sleep, cold or flu, a long tiring flight or general stress and lethargy ruin your day..

IV Therapy can help with the following plus much more!

• Party or Late night out • Weight loss
• Cold or flu • Boosting Energy
• Relieving jetlag • Powering up your Immune system
• Sport Recovery • Fertility
• Anti-Aging / Reducing Stress • Glowing Hydrated Skin
• Increased Joint strength and mobility • Boost Metabolism and weight loss
• Hair loss • Anti-Aging / Reducing Stress
• Relieving headache/nausea • Potent Detoxification
• Child Minding • Athletic performance and fast recovery

" On call service available
At Your Home, Hotel or Office "

We are one of the only medical practices in Dubai dedicated to making you healthier with our IV therapy, Glutathione and Oxygen Therapy

We all lead busy, fast paced lives full of responsibilities, deadlines and often poor diet choices. There are many studies that show most people are vitamin and antioxidant deficient which can lead to fatigue, illness, poor mood and weight gain, dehydration caused by the intense sun and heat of Dubai as well as hangovers from late nights out can be treated with our unique new therapy. Our IV treatments can get you back to your vacation or busy day quickly and efficiently. Our treatment begins with a phone consultation with one of our experienced Doctors before sending a nurse to you at your place and time of convenience, placing an IV in your arm to give you the necessary fluids, vitamins and antioxidants directly into your blood stream that your body needs so you can quickly feel energetic and refreshed to get back to your normal self. We use special small IVs to make the process more comfortable for you.


On Demand In-Home IV Therapy
and Vitamin Infusions



How it Works?

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Original Drip

This is the drip that started it all, our specially formulated cocktail containing fluids, vitamins B & C along with antioxidants will help cleanse your body of free radical buildup during a big night out or after a long flight, these free radicals are what make you feel terrible the next morning and after traveling. This drip is also excellent for the common cold/flu giving you the hydration and energy you need to get better faster.

Slim Fast Drip

A boost of vitamins along with Glutamine will help speed up your metabolism as well as cutting your sugar cravings; the large dose of hydration will suppress your appetite so you feel full for a longer period of time.

Premenstrual Drip

The fluids and hydration along with a boost of amino acids will help rehydrate the body during and after menstruation as well as Perfalgan to help relieve pain and cramping.

Immune boost Drip

This is the drip you need to boost your immune system, living in the fast pace life of Dubai it’s hard to stay healthy. This drip is packed with vitamin B, C and amino acids such as Glutamine to give you the immune system boost to keep you healthy

Male fertility

This special fertility cocktail is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants along with an added amino acids called Arginine and Ornithine which has been proven to increase male potency and help with ED by boosting the blood circulation.

Hair loss Drip

With a massive boost of B vitamin complex and Arginine this drip will help you with hair growth by causing the blood vessels around the hair follicle to open up and relax, which improves the blood supply to the hair, this will help you to achieve a shiny full head of hair.

Peak Performance Drip

Hydration with antioxidants will help with faster recovery of sports injuries; the vitamins and proteins in this IV drip will also give a major boost of energy. This is the perfect drip for active individuals.

Anti-aging/all round beauty Drip

This drip is the perfect cocktail for all around beauty, with the large amount of fluids and amino acids such as Glutamine and Glycine your hair, skin and nails will be healthier than they have ever been.

Stress Less Drip

This drip will help you feel relaxed after a long day at the office (or at the mall), the Glutamine and Ornithine in this drip will help you with fatigue and to help you get better sleep at night.


The drip for serious athletes contains fluids and multivitamins as well as the amino acids Leucine and Lysine to help promote the synthesis of muscle proteins.